How to Facebook Live with Blackmagic products and Wirecast

How to Facebook Live with Blackmagic products and Wirecast

Blackmagic Design Intensity, DeckLink or UltraStudio products (using Telestream Wirecast):

Streaming using your Blackmagic Desktop Video product (Blackmagic Design Intensity, DeckLink or UltraStudio ) to Facebook Live is simple using Telestream Wirecast


Firstly make sure you have your Blackmagic hardware installed or connected to you computer and install the latest Desktop Video installer along with Telestream Wirecast.

Once installed confirm you have selected the correct input on your Blackmagic device. i.e. SDI or HDMI etc... This can be done through the Desktop Video Utility.


To set up Facebook streaming, in Wirecast:

  1. Open Wirecast and select Sources/Output Settings from the dropdown menu and select the Blackmagic device to confirm you're receiving an input. The Video Format should be auto detected. Hit OK.
  2. On the Main Wirecast page add a camera (or cameras*) along with any titles or images you wish to mix together in your live stream.
  3. Select Output/Output Settings from the drop down menu and choose Facebook as the Destination.
  4. The Encoding Setting is predetermined by Facebook and currently needs to be left at the default setting.
  5. Click on Authenticate to login to your Facebook account. Type Username and password.
  6. Your Username will pop up on the the Facebook settings screen so you know you've successful connected.
  7. Add a Title for your stream and optional Description.
  8. Select which Facebook page for your stream to be displayed on. If you don't want it on your main profile page, simply create a new page in Facebook prior to this set up.
  9. Set the privacy settings for who you would like to be able to view the live stream.
  10. Hit Create to automatically set the RTMP address to publish your live stream on Facebook. Hit OK.
  11. On the Main Wirecast page hit Stream and you will see it connect.
  12. You're now streaming and ready to mix your cameras and graphics as required.

See below for Telestream's Quick Tips setup guide,.

Wirecast Tutorial: Stream Live to Facebook


* Note: DeckLink Duo 2 or DeckLInk Quad 2 are ideal for adding multiple cameras to switch between in Wirecast.


Facebook limit each Live Broadcast to 90 minutes.

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